São Luiz do Paraitinga

Esse post não terá uma versão em português. Vou falar sobre São Luiz, do carnaval e da enchente que teve por lá.

This is the town where my mom was born. It has only 11 thousand inhabitants… can you imagine how small it is?

Well, this city is very famous due to its old buildings and constructions, most of them from the 18th century. Because it’s a small and old town, a lot of people look for it during Carnaval. The city organizes something very typical and a lot of young people go there to party.

These huge things walking on the street are the main symbol of their Carnaval and the rhythm that people dance is totally different from what people around the world know from Rio de Janeiro. In São Luiz people listen to marchinhas. In Rio de Janeiro people listen to samba.

This is how the city looks like when it’s Carnaval time. Can you see the huge building on the left side? That is a church. Well, in January 2010 the city had a horrible flooding. This church was the oldest building there and it was built down because of the amount of water there was everywhere. I went there last weekend and this is what is left from the old church:

I used to go there when I was a child and everything is very different from what I remember. The people are trying to reconstruct everything and recover their lives. That’s why it’s important to go there and help them. This year the Carnaval didn’t happen, but let’s hope that next year things will be better for them.

I updated some pictures on my Picasa Album, so you can check some of the things I saw.


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